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One of the largest magnetic manufacturer and magnetic distributor in Asia for all kinds of permanent magnetic separator electro magnetic separator electro lifting magnet non ferrous separator eddy current separator magnetic holder permanent magnetic lifter magnetic tool magnetic equipment magnetic separation system magnetic handling equipment magnetic

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20/10/2022 · Most magnetic lifters tend to have slightly different designs but the general concept is the same Each magnetic lifter contains a metal cylinder housing powerful neodymium magnets When turned off these magnets face back into the lifter and the cylinder and lifter absorb much of the magnetic field To turn the lifter on the

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Magnetic Lifters Pick up sheets of material by use of overhead crane or chain with the permanent Magnetic Lifter Magnet is activated or deactivated by simply rotating the lever Units are lightweight so transporting from work area to work area is convenient


Magnet Bar Distinguish metal objects from delicate material for food plastic manufacturing Lifting Magnet To move and lift steel or metal plate Magnetic Conveyor For cans and other metal handling Raw Magnetic Materials Static magnetic for any indu

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Ixtur Automatic Lifting Magnet LI 120 Automatic Lifting Magnet Ixtur LI 120 lets you work more ergonomically more efficiently and even safer than ever before The magnet will safely lift steel plates up to 120 kg with a safety factor of 3 Learn more about LI 120 from the Products section

rubber magnets lifting magnets magnetic lifter

Lifting Magnets Magnetic Lifters Magnetic Lifts are made of high quality steel and strong powerful rare earth magnets by grinding welding screwing process in most reasonable design It is very convenience for worker operation because that on and off are controlled by turning the handle without extra power

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The new NEO 150 NEO 250 NEO 500 NEO 1000 and NEO 2022 Series Material Lifting Magnets are used in steel supply machine and die shops where heavy steel objects must be moved rapidly and safely The maximum rated lift is based upon lifting a clean smooth flat low carbon steel plate ″ 38mm or thicker with the full area of the

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Release Steel Magnetic Lifter Permanent Lift Magnets for Hoist Shop Crane 600 KG/ 1320 LB Capacity HayWHNKN Lifting Magnet with HayWHNKN Lifting Magnet with Release Steel Magnetic Lifter Permanent Lift Magnets for Hoist Shop Crane 600 KG/ 1320 LB Capacity Industrial Scientific Shopping Made Fun Authenticity Guaranteed Online fashion store Good

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Lifting Magnets Permanent Magnet lifters / Permanent Magnet lifters TRACTEl MAGFOR Lifting accessory for lifting and handling ferrous load plates arround with any kind of surface finish For flat or round ferrouse loads High power Neodyne Iron Bore magnets Safety locking device Upper ring which offers a big oppening

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Permanent Magnetic Lifters Magnetic Lifter Manufacturers KUMAUN brand permanent magnetic lifters are compact in design Our designs are more parallel to international products The self contained permanent magnet maintains its holding power indefinitely Magnets used in our lifters are of high standards These lifters does not require any

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A magnet spreader beam is a lifting spreader beam with electromagnetic lifters It is a commonly seen lifting spreader in steel industry and manufacturing industry This product is applied to lift and handle steel plates sheets billets


magnet We are committed to continuously improving our products and service with high quality and advance technology as well as preserving environment in order to serve all the needs for customers both in Thailand and in abroad at reasonable price We control production process and quality

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Eriez Burn Table Lift Magnet System Moving a large number of parts from a burn table can be a very time consuming process Eriez new air operated Burn Table Full Coverage Lift Magnet System utilizes a large full contact magnetic surface area to move multiple cut parts from the burn table in a single lift

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About A To Z Magnet A To Z Magnet Mfg Co ventured in the business in the year 2022 as a Supplier Trader exporter manufacturer and Importer of Superior Neodymium Magnets Ferrite Magnets Alnico Rod Magnets Samarium Cobalt Clamping Magnets Pot Magnets Fridge Magnets NdFeB magnets Rare earth magnets Round magnets Lifter